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CleanAir AerGo/CA-40GW Professional Welding Powered Respirator Kit
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CleanAir AerGo/CA-40GW Professional Welding Powered Respirator Kit

Powered respirator kit that combines AerGo PAPR with the unique CA-40GW safety helmet with a grinding visor and welding shield.

Multi-purpose safety helmet with a welding and grinding shield provides 5 levels of protection at once: eye, face, head, respiratory and optional hearing protection. Stable fl ip-up is compatible with auto-darkening filters or passive filters in dimension of 110×90 mm. Superb quality visor with anti-fog / anti-scratch coating guarantees excellent field of vision and increased durability. The easy to change DIN4 or DIN5 visor expand the system to the perfect protector for efficient Plasma or Oxy cutting. The product is suitable for the most challenging welding tasks including welding preparations (positioning, clamping) and further surface operations (grinding, cleaning, polishing). The CA-40GW can be integrated with a CleanAir AerGo powered respirator to protect the wearer in environments with contaminants such as dust, smoke, toxic and non-toxic fumes. The CleanAir AerGo unit is an ergonomic, slim, low weight respirator that is simple to use and features user adjustable airflow options.

Areas of application
  • Most demanding industrial environments – wherever it is necessary to perform preparatory work (clamping, positioning, transport) or where welding is immediately followed by further surface adjustments (grinding, cleaning, etc.)
  • Automotive industry, shipbuilding, building construction
CA-40GW Face-shield Features & Benefits
  • Multiple protection – 5 levels of protection at once: eye, face, head, respiratory and optional
    hearing protection (earmuffs not supplied)
  • Easy to wear, easy to use and easy to maintain system
  • Compatible with ADFs or passive fi lters 110×90 mm
  • Superb quality spherical visor guarantees an excellent fi eld of vision
  • Anti-fog coating prevents the visor from fogging
  • Anti-scratch coating increases the mechanical durability of the visor
  • Shade 4, shade 5 and yellow visors available
  • Enhanced robustness – protection against high-speed particles with HIGH energy
  • In-built air distribution system
  • The highest standard in respiratory protection – TH3
AerGo Features & Benefits
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Slim profile of the unit – only 65 mm
  • Versatile in use – filtration of particulates as well as gases/vapours
  • Simple to operate with just one button
  • Operation time up to 20 hours with Heavy Duty battery, or up to 10 hours with standard battery
  • Short battery recharging time < 3 hours (standard battery)
  • Adjustable airflow at two levels: 160 and 210 lpm
  • Flow Control system maintains constant airflow regardless of the the level of filter clogging or battery charge
  • Audio, visual and vibrating alarm indicating a low airflow or a low battery charge
  • Unique filter design ensures the perfect seal by every filter change
Kit Contents
  • Supplied with CA-40GW safety helmet with ADF lens, blower, charger, hose, standard battery, flow tester, standard padded belt (or optional leather belt), P3 filters, pre-filters, instructions. (Does not include hearing protectors)

Filter Types Available

  • (P3) - Toxic Dust,Mist & Fumes
  • (A1P3) - Organic Gases/Vapours, Toxic Dust, Mist & Fumes
  • (ABE1 P3 Ozone) - Organic, Inorganic Gases/Vapours, Sulphur Dioxide, Ozone, Toxic Dust, Mist & Fumes
  • Pre-Filters & Odour Pre-Filters

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