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The Sordin Supreme™ MIL AUX SFA™, based on the new Sordin Flexible Attenuation™ (SFA™) concept.
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The Supreme Basic is the entry level electronic earmuff. It is designed with standard electronics and offers a maximum 1:1 sound reproduction (no amplification of low sounds).
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The Supreme Pro-X LED earmuff combines optimum protection with high amplification, LED light, AUX input and waterproof battery compartment. It is available with blaze, camouflage, or green cups, with a foldable headband. As standard it is equipped with a comfortable gel cushion.
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Sensear’s revolutionary SENS™ (Speech Enhancement, Noise Suppression) Technology takes noise cancellation to a whole new level. By isolating and enhancing speech while reducing harmful background noise, users can hear speech and stay protected whilst remaining aware of their surrounding in high noise environments.

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The ecommerce webshop is operated by Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd.
Based in Auckland, Accurate is one of the few 100% New Zealand owned and operated safety instrumentation companies in New Zealand today. This is in a market dominated by larger foreign owned companies, yet we continue to operate as a strong independent supplier to the NZ market.




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