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Head Protection (13)

Hearing Protection (62)

Eye and Face Protection (31)

Industrial Apparel (26)

Gas Detection (51)

Respiratory Protection (67)

Hand Protection (30)

Footwear (22)

First Aid Kits & Supplies (29)

Height Safety (43)

Confined Space Entry & Rescue (26)

Sound Level Meters (13)

Environmental Monitoring & Testing (1)

Dust Sampling (2)

Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof Devices (1)

Measurement Instruments

Ventilation & Drying (14)

Hand Hygiene & Skin Care (39)

Spill Response (43)

Thermal Imaging Cameras (5)

Spill Containment (8)

Lockout and Tagout (12)

Communication (4)

Fire Extinguishers (5)

Lighting Products (26)

Safety Cabinets (2)

Ergonomics (4)


Founded in 1994, Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd with its HSE Safety division is one of the few 100% New Zealand owned and operated safety companies in New Zealand today. This is in a market dominated by larger foreign owned companies, yet we continue to operate as a strong independent supplier to the New Zealand market.

We specialize in the supply of safety equipment and safety systems to protect workers and their workplaces.



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