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Anchor Points

Purlin Mount for Spandeck Roofs
NZ $146.30
Excl GST
Webbing Anchorage Sling
NZ $30.00
Excl GST
Purlin Mount for Corrugated Roofs
NZ $146.30
Excl GST
Purlin Mount for Standard Roofs
NZ $146.30
Excl GST
MSA T-Bar Roof Anchor
NZ $267.00
Excl GST
MSA Removable Concrete Anchors
NZ $190.00
Excl GST
MSA Workman FP Stryder
NZ $315.00
Excl GST
Miller Ladder Grip
NZ $258.50
Excl GST
Millerfix Roof Anchor
NZ $125.95
Excl GST
Surface Mount Top Hat Anchor
NZ $247.50
Excl GST
Surface Mount Universal Anchor
NZ $251.90
Excl GST

About Us

Founded in 1994, Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd with its HSE Safety division is one of the few 100% New Zealand owned and operated safety companies in New Zealand today. This is in a market dominated by larger foreign owned companies, yet we continue to operate as a strong independent supplier to the New Zealand market.

We specialize in the supply of safety equipment and safety systems to protect workers and their workplaces.

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