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GfG Polytector III G999 (1-7 Gases)
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GfG Polytector III G999 (1-7 Gases)

The Polytector III G999C combines the requirements of a modern multi-gas detector for use in personal protection with the ability to clear confined spaces, shafts and vessels by means of an integrated pump. The robust and practical multi-gas detector is equipped with a catalytic combustion sensor for flammable gases, an infrared sensor for CO2 and 3 electrochemical sensors for toxic gases as well as oxygen. In this configuration, the G999C is versatile in use and suitable for a wide range of applications.

For personal protection against a wide range of gas dangers and clearance before entering shafts and confined spaces, the Polytector III G999C is the best choice. The multi-gas detector is equipped with 5 sensors for the detection of up to 7 combustible and toxic gases as well as oxygen. Clearance measurement is done with the integrated pump.

Safety and operation
The Polytector III G999C is certified for use up to Ex zone 1 and is water- and dust-protected according to protection class IP67, making the multi-gas detector suitable for challenging applications. The housing made of rubberised polycarbonate offers excellent protection against shocks and vibrations. The practical design and the robust crocodile clip ensure optimum wearing comfort. Operation is done via three buttons and the colour backlit display, of which the screen can be rotated by 180 degrees if required. For poor light conditions, the G999C offers an explosion-proof torch.

Features & Benefits:

  • Gas detector for 1 up to 7 Gases
  • Optional Wireless function
  • Man-Down Alarm
  • TeamLink Connect Safety Monitor compatible. Range 700 mtrs
  • Infrared Interface
  • Data logger
  • Ex protected Lamp
  • Graphic display with colour change during alarm (green, orange, red)
  • Alarm: visual, audible and vibration alarm
  • Switchable on the fly between diffusion to sampling pump modes
  • Protection: IP67
  • Catalytic sensors for combustible gases
  • Electrochemical sensors for O2, H2S, CO, NO2, SO2, CL2, NH3, NO, HCL, HCN, PH3, ETO, SiH4, H2, CLO2
  • Infra-Red sensors for CO2, CH4 & Hydrocarbons. Single, dual, triple range sensors available.
  • PID sensor for VOC's
  • Oxygen Sensors with 2, 3 or 5 year warranties
  • Rubberised polycarbonate case
  • Weight up to 395grams depending on sensors fitted
  • Dimensions: 68 x 136 x39mm (W x H x D)
  • Lifetime warranty on case and electronics
  • Made in Germany 
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Alerting, battery life and pump performance
If a threshold value is exceeded, the G999C warns its wearer in three ways by light signals, vibration and a loud horn (103 db(A)). The integrated NiMH battery has a runtime of up to 130 hours, depending on the operating mode and sensor configuration. The metering pump delivers around 0.6 litres per minute from a distance of up to 100 metres.

Connected Safety
Equipped with an optional radio module, up to 10 portable gas detection devices of the G999 series can be connected to the Connected Safety Monitor TeamLink. The supervisor thus always has an overview of the local readings and the status of each team member. In the event of a gas or man-down alarm, the supervisor can initiate help quickly and in a targeted manner. The G888/G999 Visual software also makes it possible to monitor more than 10 portable gas devices and send short messages.

The DS400/404 docking station can be used to charge, calibrate and adjust the gas detectors of the G999 series. To better distinguish gas detection devices for different applications, they can be marked with diffusion covers in five signal colours. Clearance measurement is made easier with various suction tubes and floating probes. A complete overview of the accessories and all extensions offered for the G999 series can be found at the bottom of this page.

Model variants
Within the G999 series, the 4 model variants G999C, G999P, G999E and G999M are available. Mandatory for all units are 3 electrochemical and one (combined) infrared sensor. Depending on the variant, the G999 also has a catalytic sensor (G999C & G999M), a PID sensor (G999P) or a fourth electrochemical sensor (G999E). This allows a variety of combinations of up to seven gases or measuring ranges to be monitored simultaneously. The G999M, specially designed for mining, is intrinsically safe (type of protection "ia") and flameproof (type of protection "da") for use in Ex zone 0.


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