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MSA Chillgard® NH3 Gas Monitor
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The Chillgard® NH3 Monitor employs electrochemical sensors, which generate a representative output signal that is proportional to the calibrated operating range.

MSA Chillgard® NH3 Gas Monitor

The MSA Chillgard NH3 Gas Monitor uses reliable, electrochemical sensing technology to detect parts-per-million (ppm) levels of ammonia. World-class design and engineering offer a singleboard design for ultimate reliability and serviceability in an economical package.

View: MSA Chillgard NH3 Gas Monitor Datasheet

The Chillgard NH3 Gas Monitor is part of the MSA family of Chillgard products designed to monitor for the loss of refrigerant gases in a variety of applications:
  • Mechanical equipment rooms
  • Propellant-filling operations
  • Solvent-cleaning stations
  • Cold storage and transport facilities
  • Meat packing plants
  • Supermarkets and refrigerant storage locations
  • Other specialty applications using halocarbons

The full-scale range of the unit is 0-1000 ppm with the capability of measuring a leak as low as 10 ppm, well below the established threshold limit values for ammonia. The Chillgard NH3 Gas Monitor provides fast, reliable detection for low-level leaks of ammonia, thus preventing a major loss of gas. The unit’s standard 4-20mA output can be connected directly to any existing Building Automation System (BAS) or other controller to provide indication of
a leak prior to a worker entering the room. Additionally, with the integral display and status LEDs, workers can have a visual indication of the ammonia
level in their work area.

  • Internal heater option - For operation down to -40˚C
  • Fast Response - The electrochemical sensor is located directly under the calibration cap, providing fast response to ammonia leaks
  • Water- and corrosion-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Interchangeable Smart Sensors - Pre-calibrated sensor modules are ready for installation out of the box. Sensors can be replaced in the field without the use of tools
  • State-of-the-art display - Liquid crystal display (LCD) conveniently alternates between sensor reading and gas type and features scrolling messaging, indicating ongoing diagnostic checks such as sensor "end-of-life" condition
  • Onboard LEDs and relays - Optional "quick-check" LEDs and four relay outputs allow for increased indication of alarm and fault conditions. Quickcheck LEDs, viewable from a far, indicate NORMAL (green) and ALERT (red) status conditions
Installation and Operation
Installation is both simple and flexible. The Chillgard NH3 Gas Monitor:
  • Operates in diffusion mode, with factory-calibrated sensors ready to perform immediately after installation
  • Can operate completely stand-alone with a large LCD display, optional quickcheck LEDs and four relay outputs (three alarm and one fault), or connected with a standard 4-20mA output to a control system (PLC, DCS, etc)
  • Has adjustable full-scale range
  • Provides for easy installations with the two-piece, field-wiring connectors

As with all gas monitors, Chillgard NH3 Gas Monitors must be calibrated periodically with the gas of interest to ensure proper operation. The calibration process offers:
  • Easy-to-follow calibration instructions displayed on monitor
  • Automatic adjustments
  • Date stamping
  • Selectable lockout of output signal during calibration
  • Ability to calibrate at the installation location, or remotely without systems interruptions (using another base unit)
  • No need to open the enclosure during set-up and calibration when using accessory calibrator or controller

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