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Pulsar Assessor 82A Class 2 Integrated Sound Level Meter
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Pulsar Assessor 82A Class 2 Integrated Sound Level Meter

Need to measure sound levels in your environment or your personal exposure in the workplace?

Is your industry possibly exceeding the noise levels for your area?

Need to meet council regulations for your zoning or business?

The Pulsar Assessor 82A is the sound level meter you need to perform these tasks. It can measure sound level between 57 and 130dBA.

The Model 82A is a professional Class 2 Integrated Sound Level Meter. It has the features and measurement values required to meet the NZ standards.

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These standards are;
NZS 6803:1999 Acoustics - Construction Noise
NZS 6802:1991 Assessment of Environmental Sound.

These standards, reviewed in 2008, now require the measurement of sound levels to be given in dBA Leq. (or LAeq(t)).

Where low-cost basic sound level meters give a "there and now" simple sound level in dB, they are not accurate enough to determine sound levels over time, which can vary greatly.

Leq is effectively the "average" noise level over a period of time.
This is the measurement required to meet the above standards.

For recorded measurements, see the Assessor Model 82A+ below, which features data logging.

For Personal Noise Exposure in factories, warehouses and industrial plants, the Assessor 82A also has an effective feature of recording the LEX8 value.

LEX,8 (or LEX,8hr) is the "total personal noise exposure to noise at work" based on a standard 8 hour working day.
The NZ standard for Personal Noise exposure, NZS1269.1:2005, states that no employee should be exposed to noise values over 85dBA (or 140 LCPEAK).

The Assessor 82A provides these measurements.

Calibrated by Pulsar and tested prior to sale, the Model 82A is very easy to use with only 4 buttons and has a large easy to read graphical LCD display.
The LCD displays the Leq measurement in large numbers as well as the current LA value.
A simple push of the "Stop Measurement" button brings up the LEX,8 screen and values.

The Model 82A is issued with a test operation certificate from Pulsar in England.
IANZ certification within New Zealand is available for this instrument.

The Assessor 82A is also available as a full "Measurement Kit" (see image left) which includes the meter, calibrated class 2 acoustic calibrator, windshield, wrist strap and hard lined carry case.
A range of optional tripods are also available for the 82A.

Also available is the higher accuracy Model 81A - Class 1/Type 1 Meter, with all the same features of the 82A with the exception of the MK:226 Class 1 microphone.

Product specifications

  • Measurement Range: 57 - 130dBA (143dBC peak)
  • Frequency Types (Weighting): A, C
  • Time Response (Weighting): n/a to LAEQ-T measurements
  • Measurement Modes: LA, LAeq, LEX,8 (LEP-d), LCPEAK
  • Microphone Type: Fixed MK:216 Class+ 1/2" electret pre-polarised condensor microphone
  • Resolution: 0.1dB
  • Tripod Mount: Yes
  • Display: Graphical LCD with quasi-analogue bar graph
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Battery Type: 2x AA
  • International Standards: IEC 61672:2002-1 Class 2, IEC 60651:1979 Type 2,
  • IEC 60804:1985 Type 2
  • Certificate Issue: Yes - Pulsar Instruments plc in accordance with IEC standards
  • Warranty: 18 months

Standard package includes: Assessor 82A, 2x AA alkaline batteries, operating manual, certificate.

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