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MSA V Gard Accessory System


Most V-Gard™ Accessories exceed the impact protection requirements of various international standards including AS/NZS 1337, EN 166, CSA Z94.3 and ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010.

V-Gard™ Accessories have stood up to:
• a 6.35mm metal ball speeding > 328.3 km/h
• a 0.453 kg pointed metal missile and a sharp, added-weight needle being dropped from a height >121.92cm.

V-Gard™ Accessory products have also met some pretty strenuous global standards requirements.

Tests some V-Gard™ Accessories have passed include:
• Resistance to surface penetration by molten grey iron metal, heated to 1450˚C.
• Conditioning to temperature extremes between -5˚C and 55˚C, then impact tested with a metal ball moving >431.30 km/h.
• Resistance to surface penetration by a steel ball, super-heated to 900˚C.
Introducing the V-Gard™ Accessory System – frames, visors, and chin protectors designed
for MSA helmets.
Reliable accessories offering the same high standard of protection as the V-Gard™
Helmet – the head protection choice of workers world-wide.

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Founded in 1994, Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd with its HSE Safety division is one of the few 100% New Zealand owned and operated safety companies in New Zealand today. This is in a market dominated by larger foreign owned companies, yet we continue to operate as a strong independent supplier to the New Zealand market.

We specialize in the supply of safety equipment and safety systems to protect workers and their workplaces.

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