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MSA Chillgard RT Photoacoustic Infrared Refrigerant Monitor
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The Chillgard RT Photoacoustic Infrared Refrigerant Monitor provides economical, low-level monitoring of refrigerant gases used in most refrigeration systems or chillers.

MSA Chillgard RT Photoacoustic Infrared Refrigerant Monitor

The Chillgard RT Photoacoustic Infrared Refrigerant Monitor provides economical, low-level monitoring of refrigerant gases used in most refrigeration systems or chillers.

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Many chillers still use the older ozone depleting refrigerants which are being phased out. This and a Federally imposed excise tax have driven up the replacement cost, making it essential to detect leaks as low as 1 ppm. Without the capability to monitor down to this low level, leaking refrigerant gases can go undetected for long periods of time.

Whether you are using the older ozone depleting refrigerants or the newer blends, replacement cost of refrigerants is expensive. The Chillgard RT Monitor saves operating costs by detecting a leak early enough to prevent a major loss of refrigerant gas.

ANSI/ASHRAE 15 requires mechanical equipment room leak detectors because of these factors. Monitoring for refrigerant gases is now a necessity.

Sensor Technology
The Chillgard RT Monitor utilizes very stable and highly selective photoacoustic infrared (PIR) technology to sense refrigerant gases at levels as low as 1 part-per-million.

The Chillgard RT Monitor can operate for months with virtually no zero drift. Its inherent stability eliminates the requirement of various auto-zeroing techniques which take the monitor “off-line” at regular intervals, leaving the area unprotected.

The Chillgard RT Monitor has a high immunity to interferants commonly found in mechanical equipment rooms such as cleaning agents and solvents. There is also no effect due to changes in humidity, a common problem with all other sensor technologies. Both are typical sources of false alarms when other sensing technologies are in use.

UL Approved
The Chillgard RT Refrigerant Monitor has been listed to proposed UL 2075. This assures not only protection from fire and shock hazards, but also assures performance of the instrument to the specifications listed.

  • Detectability down to 1 ppm
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Operates over a wide temperature range
  • Complies with ANSI/ASHRAE 15
  • 2-line x 20-character vacuum fluorescent display which shows alarm indications and actual gas concentration
  • Three alarm levels
  • Relay outputs for each alarm level
  • Password protection
  • Can be expanded with the Multipoint Sequencer to monitorup to 8 locations.

Common refrigerant gases used in industries can also be monitored.

These include:
  • Propellant filling operations
  • Solvent cleaning stations
  • Cold storage and transport facilities
  • Meat packing plants
  • Supermarkets and refrigerant storage locations.

Simply by adding the Multipoint Sequencer, the Chillgard RT Refrigerant Monitor can be expanded to monitor up to 8 locations. The results are:
  • Refrigerant gas monitoring is now more cost effective, especially when monitoring large areas or multiple locations or chillers
  • The fastest possible response to any leak or spill is obtained
  • Fresh sample is pumped from locations up to 500 feet for each sample

Single or Multiple Refrigerants
Most installations require detection for one specific type of refrigerant. However, some mechanical equipment rooms may have multiple chillers operating on more than one type refrigerant or the possibility for the addition of another gas in the future. For these applications a Chillgard RT Monitor with multigas capability can be installed to detect each type of refrigerant on a per location basis.

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